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6 Hour - Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs: Self Actualization in Coaching

Get a certificate by completing the program.


This course is designed for CCE's BCC (Board Certified Coach) and the Barnabas Institute's CPC (Certified Professional Coach) credentials. If you have any questions concerning its use for other credentialing bodies, please contact us at This training program introduces coaches to Maslow's hierarchy of needs and its potential application in coaching with businesses, organizations, teams and individuals. It also addresses the BCC and CPC core competencies for coaches by focusing on the hierarchy of needs, human motivations and modern application of self actualization in coaching for individuals, teams, businesses and organizations. It will familiarize coaches with the Maslow's original theory of human motivations and self actualization and on the application of those ideas in the 21st century. The course includes information on a free online self-actualization assessment tool. Through information provided in this course, Coaches will be able to help clients gain better understanding of human motivations and the importance of purpose, mission and continued growth. REQUIRED ASSIGNMENTS and EXAM: To demonstrate understanding, pass the course exam and receive certification for 6 hours of CE, students should read all learning materials, complete all assignments in the learning platform and the Test Your Knowledge multiple choice exam. Students have up to 3 attempts to complete the online m/c exam with a score of 70% or better. In the unlikely event, a student fails the assessment after 3 attempts, additional attempts will be provided after additional study time.

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